A Tech Solution That Helps Local Businesses during the Coronavirus Crisis

Whoocan Business tech solution

A tech solution that helps local businesses during the Coronavirus Crisis


Here’s how one local working mom is dealing with the Coronavirus crisis. It seems as if the world has come to a screeching halt over the past few days. With mandatory school closings, suspended business operations, and plummeting stock market the national state of emergency is causing unprecedented economic hardship. The small business community has especially been hit hard in many areas around the country.  Even in the face of adversity and uncertainty one working mom has decided to come up with a solution for small businesses who have seen a major decrease in their clientele.

Kelley Garmon created an app called WHOOCAN that allows you to find businesses that are open and still taking appointments all from the comfort of your home. No need to search google listings or make dozens of phone calls only to find out that the business is temporarily closed. WHOOCAN will immediately connect you with businesses that are open today and tomorrow and allows you to book and pay for your appointment. It’s a truly inventive solution and hundreds of businesses have already signed up on the FREE app

about Whoocan

WHOOCAN is an online marketplace that connects guests in need of last minute appointment with businesses who have openings, or last minute cancellations. Users are able to search and book a variety of wellness and beauty services from hair appointments to massage therapy. Appointments are available within a 24-48 hour window. 
WHOOCAN gives back time and convenience to the customer and supports businesses by generating revenue, recuperating lost revenue, and delivering new customers. WHOOCAN allows its users to create more flexibility in their lives by giving them back certainty and control in a world that is always demanding more.