6 Marketing Tips Every Brand Should Use During COVID-19

6 marketing tips every brand should use during COVID-19

Donate to a Charity

Find a charity that may be short staffed or in need of valuable resources to continue their work in the community. Many charities are assisting with the COVID-19 pandemic by sewing masks and finding protective equipment for healthcare workers. Research and a local non-profit and see how you can get involved, and if possible make a donation. Non-profits are known for hosting fabulous fundraising events and are always looking for venue space so this might be a great relationship to start cultivating.

Start Your Company Blog

Been meaning to start a company blog to bolster your content marketing strategy? Delegate writing assignments to your team members who have a knack for writing. Make sure you research keywords and post the content regularly. This will help you stay connected with your customers and raise your search engine rankings. Come up with an editorial calendar so you can continue to post the content regularly when you resume business.

Start Planning Your Re-Grand Opening

A Celebration is always in order! Start making plans on your triumphant return post-corona. Announce to your audience and the public that you all are open for business since a lot of people will be wondering which businesses are still open and when. Many companies have started to offer free virtual services during the stay-at-home order and will continue to offer these products or services even when business resumes as usual. Let your customers know about any new happenings and invite them to try it out. Partner with some of vendors or people in the community to give the event a special element such as a featured local artist or signature cocktail with a liquor brand. 

Webinar and Virtual Training

 Your employees are mostly likely at home, going stir-crazy as a lot of cities across the United States have implemented the Shelter-in-place order. Put together some training tools and host a webinar to cover a multitude of topics, from work-place etiquette, to software training or even a company survey you’ve been meaning to conduct. This will help your business stay connected during this difficult time.

Create Amazing Content

Maybe you’ve been meaning to refresh that ad that has been running in the lifestyle magazine or perhaps you want to punch up your social media presence with high quality imagery. Now is a great time to hire a local photographer to capture some great images of your well appointed common areas that are usually too busy and buzzy during normal business hours. It’s a great way to give some businesses to the photographer who may be experiencing a major decline in bookings. By the time COVID-19 has run its course, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with all brand new content.

Plan your event calendar

Have been meaning to solidify some dates later on this year or perhaps come up with event activations for 4th quarter but just haven’t had the time? Focus on what types of events would be a great fit for brand image and develop some truly unique event concepts that will blow your patrons away. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to collaborate with a certain artist or musician to bring an event to life. Remember, everyone’s calendar is different now, so reach out to them and see if they are available. Events are an essential part of a strategic marketing plan and should not be overlooked. If you don’t have time to plan and execute you own events, outsource them to a creative agency or event management company like ours!